Published 12th June 2015

CoCo15 – Celebrate, Connect and Direct

Our starting point had to acknowledge the history and roots of the network and build from that – and that was the purpose of our annual event in 2015. CO15 was subtitled, “Celebrate, Connect and Direct” and that’s entirely what we (as the many individuals who made up the beginnings of the Community Organisers network) did.

  • We celebrated the move to independence, with the baton for community organising passed from Joanna Holmes (then Chair of Locality) to the Community Organisers team.
  • We connected. In fact, we created a whole host of connections bringing together community organisers from across the 14 cohorts to share learning and experiences.
  • We directed. Collectively our membership came together to vote on our priorities as a new organisation set up to represent its members. Setting the direction in this democratic way has something that we have continued to date
This was my first event as Chief Executive of the legacy body and I was blown away by the positivity and potential for this network to build on what has gone before and become a truly successful organisation that is supporting the growth and development of community organising in England.
Nick Gardham, Chief Executive

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