Published 12th July 2019

Community Organisers shares ambition to expand community organising

Community Organisers has just published ‘People, Power and Place’ – a report outlining their vision for the growth of community organising in England.

Published on 12th June 2019, the report describes Community Organisers’ ambition to expand the current network of Social Action Hubs to 50 over the next five to ten years.

We know that where Community Organisers are at work, people feel a stronger sense of belonging to their neighbourhood, they feel more valued, and they become more likely to team up and improve their area.

Nick Gardham, CEO, explains – “this aspiration builds on the impact and learning from our current work with the Government.  In the last two years, we have trained over 2,500 people in community organising and we are seeing the impact of this.  Thousands of people have been mobilised to take action in their communities on issues such as tackling isolation, taking over redundant assets, and seeking to improve the living conditions of private renters.  We believe that scaling-up the work we are doing will build stronger, more resilient communities where people are heard and have the power to act on the things they care about the most.”

In short [community] organising is a craft that must be learned, and this requires a long-term investment in training, mentorship, and living wage salaries for the organising profession.

People, Power and Place was written as a direct response from funders, Government departments, and other agencies; to encapsulate the current policy context in relation to community organising and to outline the organisation’s vision for its growth.

Through a series of conversations with a wide range of partners, the report aims to capture the present policy landscape for civil society and the role that community organising can play within this.  It also seeks to communicate the impact that community organising is having – and could have – with further investment and support.

You can read the full report HERE

To download the full Media Release, please click HERE

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