Published 26th January 2015

Community organising featured on BBC Sunday Politics West

Organisers Steve Crozier and Georgina Balfour were featured in BBC Sunday Politics West’s story on Community Organising.

Georgina Balfour, Senior Organiser from Gloucester talks to the BBC.

Organisers in the South West were featured this weekend on BBC Points West and Sunday Politics West. The interview was around David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ and how that brought in to affect the Community Organisers Programme.

Steve Crozier, senior Organiser from Barton Hill spoke about supporting his volunteers around a project to do with getting their council to install more washing machines in their building. Georgina Balfour, senior Organiser from Gloucester told them about several projects that people she listened to have started.

To see the full video, click here. Community Organising is discussed from 41:07 to 50:20

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