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Upskilling young volunteers

Posted 18 Apr 2017
Location: Devizes
Upskilling young volunteers with Community Organising skills.

The Community Organisers from Community First, Devizes have just finished their second successful training residential to train young people in Community Organising skills. 
The free, intensive training weekend was held at Oxenwood Outdoor Activity Centre and forms part of a program to support young people by training them to be Young Leaders.   
The young people were trained through training sessions involving different scenarios including: learning more about managing challenging behaviours, safeguarding, listening skills and different ways of engaging people.  
The group of 9, (aged 16-18) are the second of three planned training residentials; to upskill young people in Wiltshire in Community Organising skills that can be transferred to other youth volunteering projects. 
Katrina and Alex, (Senior Community Organisers) were impressed with the way that the young people embraced the training and they are really excited to see what comes out of the future listenings that the young people will be conducting.    
It was also fantastic to see two of the Young Listeners who trained with Alex and Katrina last February, supporting the delivery of this residential as volunteers. They were able to offer peer advice to the young people and bring an additional level of support to our training. The Senior Community Organisers are now looking forward to supporting them with some extra training to go out and listen to other young people in Wiltshire.


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