Graham Weston

Trainer at High Trees Development Trust Social Action Hub, Lambeth

I’m Graham, a passionate and committed Community Organiser based in Tulse Hill, London. I have been working for High Trees CDT for almost 6 years now and have supported many people in the local area to use Community Organising to take action on things that are important to them, from building a TRA on St Martins estate, running campaigns to open youth facilities and to protest against estate regeneration.

The driving force for me wanting to become a Community Organiser was a personal need to grow and develop, I realised through volunteering that I gained a lot of skills and confidence working with others. I understood that I couldn’t grow in isolation and that working with others helped to build my confidence and ability. I realised as I grew that the world around me started to change, my sphere of influence increased and what I thought was impossible was no longer impossible.

I understood that these underlying factors of personal development, wellbeing and power to change the situations around us were the same motivating forces that drive everyone. Community Organising has provided me with the platform to keep growing and reflecting, to bring people together, to build trust, respect and relationships locally, and to support others on their own individual and collective journeys.

I strongly believe local people are experts in their communities and that they have the ideas, passion and drive to improve often very complicated issues within their areas. I feel that the approach of Community Organising is the key to unlocking this potential, building power together, providing the tools to find the roots of issues and to organise actions that address these issues.

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