Steve Smith

Trainer at Sneinton Alchemy Social Action Hub, Nottingham

I love the Community Organising because, as an experienced community organiser (CO), I’ve witnessed the impact it’s made in Nottinghamshire.

For 8 years, I’ve supported hundreds of residents to take action on what matters to them in their communities, generating a plethora of projects (campaigns/activities). These include litter picks, Area Beautification schemes, Good-Neighbours Schemes, Neighbourhood Forums, Youth Projects, Recording Studio, Social Eating Café’s, Luncheon Clubs, Craft Groups, Youth Training and Employment Group, Neighbourhood Watch Schemes, saving Community Assets, Community Festivals, Clothes and Food-Banks, Increasing Bees, to name just a few.

As an active CO it’s been, and is still, a privilege to be involved with so many inspirational people. It’s the reason I am still as passionate as ever. I’m still listening…

I was originally inspired by former CO, Barack Obama. I’m currently the Director of Notts Social Action Hub and the lead Experienced CO for Nottinghamshire. I am an experienced Trustee/Director of charities/CICs and am the Chairperson for Nottinghamshire’s newly formed exciting CO Notts group which has 23 board members and aims to use the skills, knowledge and connections of its members to build community energy, connectivity and passion across the county.

During the current CO Expansion Programme (from April 2017) I have delivered 18 accredited CO workshops to over 200 residents accumulatively. Additionally, I’ve facilitated a further 12 CO related events. Being in the unique position of working in the Communities team for Nottinghamshire County Council I’m not only using the CO approach to build stronger, more resilient communities, but also influencing the council’s strategies on Community Protection, Social Prescription, Health and Well-Being through encouraging people to help themselves.

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