Cost of Living Alliance

The last two years have put untold pressures on local people and communities and there is no sign of this easing with rising inflation causing further economic insecurities for individuals and families. 

As costs increase, the millions of people living on low incomes are going to further feel the squeeze on their household budgets.

The Cost of Living Alliance aims to:

  1. Build an evidence base of what is happening across the UK.
  2. Define clear areas where changes by government and power holders could make the most change to grassroots communities.
  3. Decide on how we can use our collective influence to call for change.

What will we do?

The Cost of Living Alliance is working in collaboration with The Humanity Project to inspire Cost of Living Summits across the Country. Summits are designed to cast a spotlight on the unheard stories of those profoundly affected by the current cost of living crisis. At the core of these summits is the belief that while our country may experience economic ups and downs, it is imperative that these downturns do not disproportionately impact those with the least means. Summit are giving people a platform to share their stories, which can then be amplified through a National Citizens Assembly on Cost of Living, where their voices can influence the policies that shape our future and protect our communities against economic shocks.

What can you do?

  • Organise a Cost of Living Summit – Get in touch with us at
  • Share your stories and data to explain the impact of the Cost of Living Crisis. Please submit your stories and evidence here
  • Write to your MP and Local Council and / or other power-holders to ask them to join your organisation in taking action to address the impact of the Cost of Living crisis
Find out more on the Cost Of Living Alliance Website