Community Organisers Notts.

Local Organising Group

Community organisers started working in Sneinton in early 2012, listening to people from all parts of the community.

Over the years, we have supported people from all over Nottingham to take action, and to listen to others in turn – building a network based on trust and respect, that has the power and mandate to affect change in the area and holds those to account (shifting the power balance).

Now we are formalising as a Local Organising Group for Nottinghamshire, to tap into resources (people, money) and to increase the power of the community so that it can effect change. For Good!

We met through a love of community. We found each other through community events, training sessions, in the markets, by word of mouth, and online...

The Nottinghamshire Community Organisers’ Local Organising Group began as 25 diverse, passionate movers and shakers with like-minds yearning to make a difference.

Accepting that we have limitations and time pressures, we have come together with a common aim to support each other and find others, grow strong networks, and to build community power through community led action.

Find out more about this Local Organising Group on the Nottinghamshire Community Organisers website.

Nottinghamshire Community Organisers is based at Sneinton Alchemy Social Action Hub.

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