Organisation Workshop

Organisation Workshop* brings together large groups of people to develop the ‘organisational awareness and skills’ necessary to change the participants’ lives, their livelihoods and their communities.

. It is based on ‘large-group psychology’ and principles of self- organising, self-discovery and learning by doing. Participants form what is known as the ‘Participants Enterprise’ (PE) and are tasked with delivering a project that is of benefit to the community. They are supported in a non-directive manner by a small team, the ‘Facilitators Enterprise’ (FE). The PE is provided with the tools and materials needed to undertake the project, which they must deliver on time (usually within 4-6 weeks) and within budget. The OW creates a sort-of ‘pressure cooker’ in which participants must determine how to go about the task and organise themselves to deliver it. At its core, an OW aims to trigger a profound change in the participants, in terms of their confidence, their relationships, their organisational and other skills, and their capacity to change their lives for the better.

*Delivered in partnership with Marsh Farm Outreach in Luton

The Organisation Workshop has made a huge difference to me – without it, I think I would probably be in jail by now. The OW has been a lifeline.

Community Organising Compared

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