Community Hosting – Facilitating Community Conversations

Groups and organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of conversations that can harness the collective wisdom and experiences of people with direct experience of an issue. Community Organisers has been supporting organisations to design processes and systems that can facilitate conversations that can draw on this collective experience and be the building block for building trust people between people and institutions.

Drawing on our experiences of hosting and facilitating 1000s of conversations across the UK and internationally, we have been working with organisations (examples below) to support them to design conversations that can draw out the collective experiences of people and that can lead to better and deeper relationships and a shared commitment to work towards a common objective.

Some of the conversations we have supported organisations to host include;

  • how to better use wetlands to increase health and wellbeing
  • structural racism with the health care system
  • school exclusions
  • regeneration and the decline of green spaces in London
  • the underrepresentation of the LatinX community in London’s decision making processes


Supported by the Mayor of London, The Selby Trust, High Trees, Black Thrive, and the Greater London Authority – the London Community Organisers Network has been providing ‘A Space to Think’.

‘A Space to Think’ brings together diverse groups of people – social and community activists, community organisers, third sector and civil society organisations, people who aren’t part of any formal group, and policy makers at Borough and London-wide levels – to discuss some of the burning topics and concerns that Londoners face.

Based around key policy areas – such as the environment, mental health and wellbeing, and migration – the events allow participants to

think big, talk openly, and find common ground; to connect and condense the ideas generated into a series of concrete and practical actions that will be taken forward and worked through by new communities of practice.



Instigated by Hammersmith and Fulham Council, the Building Trust Project seeks to bring local people together with those in the NHS and council who plan and provide local health and care services.

Working in collaboration with the Council and training provider, Apricot Wellbeing, we are supporting community leaders from the borough’s voluntary and community sector to hold a series of listening events for local black residents, with the aim of creating a shared understanding of how difficult issues like structural racism and poverty affect residents’ experiences of health and care services.

Moussa Amine Sylla (Senior Associate) has delivered listening skills and facilitation training to each of the community leaders involved, and provided support, advice and guidance around the facilitation of the twelve listening events happening across the borough.

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