1:1 – Mentoring and Practice Support

Mentoring of community organisers requires somebody with greater experience, knowledge and understanding of community organising acquired through greater time in the field. We have a breath of knowledge and practical experience and can therefore offer this mentoring support. A good mentoring conversation should be 1:1 and the conversation led by the Mentee, with them given enough time and space to reflect on their organising practice.

A mentoring conversation should aim to provide less experienced organisers with:

  • guidance and encouragement from more experienced community organiser and an opportunity to ask questions
  • insight into effective listening conversations and a chance to reflect on how to handle challenging conversations
  • strategies to build organisation and how to ensure leaders, volunteers and the wider membership maintain both engagement and activity

Our experienced community organisers have provided 1000s of hours of mentoring and support, both in person and online and can therefore act as the perfect mentors.

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Community Practitioners' Network

The Community Practitioners' Network (CPN) brings together community practitioners from across the UK to support them with their personal and professional development through expert inputs and reflective practice

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