Published 1st October 2019

Providing ‘A Space to Think’ in London!

Supported by the Mayor of London, The Selby Trust, High Trees, Black Thrive, and the Greater London Authority – the London Community Organisers Network has been providing ‘A Space to Think’.

‘A Space to Think’ brings together diverse groups of people – social and community activists, community organisers, third sector and civil society organisations, people who aren’t part of any formal group, and policy makers at Borough and London-wide levels – to discuss some of the burning topics and concerns that Londoners face.

Based around key policy areas – such as the environment, mental health and wellbeing, and migration – the events allow participants to think big, talk openly, and find common ground; to connect and condense the ideas generated into a series of concrete and practical actions that will be taken forward and worked through by new communities of practice.

Community Organisers is delighted to be involved with this pioneering series of events that connects the collective power of local people with the institutions and organisations that form part of our everyday lives; to share our stories, listen, and think deeply about some London’s most pressing challenges; to enter into a shared dialogue that will inform policy and decision making.
Nick Gardham, CEO Community Organisers

‘A Space To Think’ has been hosted by Community Organisers’ Social Action HubsThe Selby Trust and High Trees Community Development Trust.  Reflecting the diverse subjects included, the two most recent events have focused on school exclusions and local green spaces respectively.  More events are scheduled for the Autumn, and a full report will be published at the end of the project.

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