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Every member of Community Organisers Hartlepool has done at least the Introduction to Community Organising training and is active within our community of Dyke House.  Dyke House has had the benefit of community organising since 2012 and is acknowledged as being the most socially active community in Hartlepool; not only has this led us to have more activities than other areas, we have also been able to identify community business solutions to our local concerns.

We believe that the opportunities we have created in our square mile need to be shared beyond that into the rest of Hartlepool and are looking at how this may be possible and what would be required to do this.

By coming together, we believe we have the breadth of lived experience and skills to make this a reality.

Nikki Stainsby – Experienced Community Organiser for CO Hartlepool

Nikki has been working as a Community Organiser in the Dyke House area of Hartlepool since May 2016.  Nikki has listened to over 20% of the adults in the community as well as small numbers of the young people that use the Annexe (community space).  In this time Nikki has undertaken significant amounts of training is just about to qualify at Level 3 of The Award in Community Organising and has recently passed her Award in Education and Training.

Nikki has led a number of campaigns including work around anti-social behaviour and the community response to it, loneliness and environmental activities as well as a key facilitator of the establishment of a number of community businesses.  Nikki worked with a researcher from Sheffield University to lead a listening campaign, which worked with local people to identify how they supported each other in response to austerity.

Nikki has a broad range of skills which compliments the rest of the group.


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