Community Connectors Middlesbrough

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The Community Connectors is an attempt to cultivate links between a broad range of people and approaches; ideas making a difference in and around Middlesbrough.

It includes an online platform that helps Teessiders find groups, venues, events and information on building a better world. We host regular gatherings, training and unconferences and organise initiatives designed to provoke change.

Are you involved in activism, charity work, or grass-roots causes in Teesside? If so, we’re hoping that this network could provide something useful for you and your project: a local hub for dozens of grass-roots community organisers.

Community Connectors provides a space for local groups to support and learn from each other. This could involve sharing resources and knowledge, or just giving each other moral support as we work to make change in our local communities. Another world is possible!

Evolving from years of experiments in working together, we’ve been operating as a hub of social action and collaboration since 2014. We’re excited about what the future holds and we’re glad to have recently become an Organising Group with Community Organisers.

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