Community Organisers Stockport

Local Organising Group

The community of Woodley in Stockport had already started to come together and form a group focusing on community organising principles of practice prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. The outbreak has meant that they had to focus their immediate attention to supporting the community through the crisis. Their response has involved

  • Created a Woodley and Bredbury Mutual Aid Group on Facebook – 500 members
  • Set up a helpline number to avoid people having to use their own phones. Most people on pay as you go without credit.
  • Developed a team of 37 volunteers to post flyers to 163 streets.
  • Developed a team of 6 (DBS checked) helpline volunteers. Supported by local GP practice with regards to safe guarding.
  • Creating a work document procedures as things develop.
  • Developed a team of 14 delivers who have created relationships with local businesses to deliver urgent supplies.
  • Created a group of 26 ‘friends” who will be given 5 local people and tasked to create a virtual friendship group to check in on each other.
  • Developed a referral form for statutory staff.
  • Held councillors to account for their lack of activity.
  • Talk of organisers standing in the postponed elections.


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