Published 19th December 2018

Celebrating 1,000 Members of Community Organisers

Community Organisers is delighted to begin celebrating the Festive Season by announcing that we have just signed up our 1,000th member!

A perfect end to a spectacular and successful year – which has not only seen the ‘1,000 members’ milestone achievement, but also the number of people trained in the principles and practice of Community Organising as part of the CO Expansion Programme coming very, very close to 2,000!  Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members for their support and contributions towards community organising and social action across the country in 2018.

Thank You;
Together We Will Be Heard,
Be Powerful,
And Make Change For Good!

Keeping in the Season’s spirit, today, we are feeling particularly festive about celebrating Lorena Tavares-Barbosa becoming our 1,000th member, and we are delighted to share with you the moment she was presented with a certificate by National Member Organiser David Symes at Mojo’s Cafe in Brighton!

The 1,000th member certificate is presented to Lorena Tavares-Barbosa by David Symes. In the photo, left-to-right: Member Organiser Indi Hicks, Lorena, David, Member Organiser Dot Kirk, and Community Engagement Coordinator University of Sussex Students’ Union Monique Forbes-Broomes

Only five months ago I was in Nottingham handing out the certificate to our 500th member, and now here I am, in December, handing out our 1,000th member certificate!
David Symes, National Member Organiser with Community Organisers

Commenting on being the 1,000th member, Lorena told us what she felt was important about the community organising approach:
“The most important thing about community organising is listening to people before coming up with a project. That’s important because when you listen to people, you can understand the real problems they have.  Listen to people first and then help them get together to solve their problems; then they have the ownership – it’s not just offering to solve their problems for them.”

Reflecting 1,000 members, David Symes added:
“It’s fantastic!  Since the start of the Expansion Programme we have gone from a few members to 1,000!  Each month we are now getting at least 100 new members – it is very exciting; with the Member Organisers from around the country bringing our members together, it’s an amazing time for community organising.”

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