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Published 26th April 2021

Celebrating the Success of Membership Recommitment 2021

At the beginning of 2021 we felt it was a good time to ‘press pause’ and reflect. To look at our recent journeys, including the end of the Community Organisers Expansion Programme, (COEP) and the effects of the national pandemic.

Membership Renewals

We are used to organisations having membership or subscription renewals. A time in a year where we decide if we still want to subscribe to their offering.

However, a membership renewal didn’t reflect our desire for an energised and expectant network.

Membership Recommitment

One of our Board of Trustees talked about how their faith group held ‘recommitments’ each year. Where they would reaffirm their beliefs and recommit to their faith.

A recommitment seemed a much better fit for what we wanted to achieve. Rather than a subscription renewal we wanted people to recommit to a set of values and principles.

We asked the members to reaffirm these values, whilst pledging to be an active contributor. A commitment of time and energy to the network.

Recommitment 2021 was important to me because it shows that our network is strong, and that our members are firmly determined to keep supporting our communities.
Moussa Sylla, Community Organiser Selby Trust, North London

March 2021 – Our first Membership Recommitment

Our first Membership Recommitment ran through March 2021. We offered 3 options:

  • Recommit and become an active, voting member of the network
  • Become a Supporter and follow the network and its activities without voting rights
  • Step away from the network

We were really pleased with the positive response we received and the willingness to recommit or become a supporter of the movement

  • 550 reaffirmed their commitment to the values of Community Organisers
  • 1271 signed up as supporters of the movement
  • 44 took the decision to step away
Recommitment 2021 is important to me so that we can learn from each others experiences on how to rebuild and reorganize our neighbourhoods. Based on truly inclusive democracy, as we're in the process of recovering from the pandemic.
Kaneez Hasna, Community Organiser


We now have a network of almost 2000 people and this growing movement at the grassroots is building a strong foundation for local action led by the network.

Members and supporters have actively committed to taking action by;

  • Donating Time – As individuals recommitted, they were asked if they would like to donate time to support and help grow the movement and as a result 232 hours a month have been donated
  • Informing the national conversations, we are hosting:
    1. #OpertionWifi
    2. Food Inequality
    3. Mental Pressures
    4. Creating a Post Pandemic Roadmap for Communities
  • Donating Money – to support national-led campaigns

We now look forward to our national event CO21 and over the course of the year mobiling the network to work together to bring about enduring change, for good.

Membership is important to me because it helps me to connect with others - sharing stories, knowledge and ideas.
Steve Smith - Neighbourhood Coordinator: Community Friendly Nottinghamshire

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