Published 30th January 2023

Expanding the Social Action Hub Network

Funded by Power to Change, Community Organisers aims to inspire and support a further 15 locally rooted organisations, located across the North East and West Midlands, to develop as Social Action Hubs by increasing their understanding and developing their practice of community organising to ignite social change at a local level.

Many organisations who work with Community Organisers do so as they are keen to strengthen the relationships and connections that they hold with local people. Grassroots organisations have a deep history in their place, often founded through people coming together to form neighbourhood organisations that can be a voice for change at the local level. This project aims to work alongside organisations to provide support and training so that they can build on their existing work and become the catalysts for change.

The concept of a Social Action Hub for us is about building power within local communities in three ways: through personal development – empowering individuals through campaigning – working on issues; and through organising to gain recognition and become more effective at a strategic level.

What is a Social Action Hub?

Social Action Hub is the term we use to describe local hubs of community organising, some of which are also quality assured training hubs affiliated to Community Organisers.

There are 15 Social Action Hubs across the UK. These locally-rooted organisations vary in their size and approach, but have all adopted the Social Action Hub Framework, are committed to our Principles of Practice and work to ignite social change through community organising. Several of these Social Action Hubs are also Affiliated Training Providers, who deliver training in the practice and principles of community organising, from quality assured short courses through to National Qualifications. Together, these organisations are part of the National Academy of Community Organising.

The Offer

Over a 3 – 6 month period, the Community Organisers Team will:

  • work with you to develop a Theory of Change and action plan that embeds a community organising approach within your organisation
  • deliver the following training and support to 10 of your core team and volunteers in community organising
    • Introduction to community organising
    • Listening skills for community organising
    • Building power through community organising
    • Action for change through community organising
  • provide mentoring, support and capacity building to deliver the Theory of Change and action plan

In addition each organisation will receive 2 places for 12 months for staff or volunteers from the organisation to join the Community Practitioners Network.


Please submit your application by 24th February, 2023 at 5pm by clicking the button below


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