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Published 7th March 2021

Reasons to Recommit

Chief Executive, Nick Gardham.

The growth of the movement

A few years ago a small group of us got together at The Selby Trust in Tottenham. The plan was to build an organisation that would be the “supportive glue” between people in communities.

Five and half years later we have built a movement of over 1,800 people. A democratic membership that is locally rooted and has national power and influence.

It’s not been a straightforward 5 years. But through this time we have stood strong and stood together. We have shown how powerful and resilient we can be when we get organised at a local level.

This movement has grown beyond our expectations. It is not built on a large organising core but on the selfless efforts of members who have contributed both their time and their wisdom.

Moving forward together

The last 12 months have given us time to reflect and think about how we continue to move forward as a movement. To look at the question: how do we ensure that our roots as a member led movement are maintained?

Over this time, we have shown how we want to go forward.

  • We want to ensure that our actions emerge from the conversations we have with members
  • We want the membership to act together on the issues that emerge

Issues emerging

Issues that have emerged in the last year include:

  • Tackling data poverty (#operationwifi)
  • Organising around food equity
  • Developing actions that can address the mental pressures caused by the COVID pandemic

These are some of the issues identified within our network.

And together we are addressing them.

Led by the members

Our movement emerged from conversations with members. Our actions are still determined by the members. This is how we want the organisation to continue.

A democratic, member led movement, working together to tackle the challenges we face in our neighbourhoods.

Our movement emerged from conversations with members. Our actions are still determined by the members. This is how we want to the organisation to continue.
Nick Gardham, CEO

Membership Recommitment

This month, we launched our Membership Recommitment. A chance for members to pledge their continued commitment to the organisation and to the practice of community organising.

Membership recommitment is not only about asking you to recommit to an organisation. It is also about recommitting to one another. So that together we can continue to build from where we started.

If you are already a member, you can recommit by filling in our simple form to recommit today.

It takes about two minutes to complete. You only need your personal details to complete it.

If you haven’t joined already, you can join now. It costs nothing and takes about two minutes.

It's easy to become a member today

Join us today to meet hundreds of people who want to make a real change in their communities. We’re just getting started, but together we will be heard, be powerful and make a better tomorrow.

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