A how to guide on recruiting a community organiser

Over the last decade there has been a significant increase in both the numbers of organisations exploring community organising and the number of people who are employed as a community organiser.

Since 2011, our organisation has been involved with the recruitment of over 500 community organisers and training many thousands more. We have worked with organisations (large and small) to explore both how they can adopt the principles and practice of community organising and how they can employ a community organiser.

In recent years, the number of organisations recruiting community organisers has widened to include social movements, campaign organisations, Political parties and statutory bodies. Whilst this widening of the field of organisations involved with the recruitment of community organisers is positive for the movement, it has meant that in some cases, organisations are having to quickly adapt and learn how to work with and embed new ways of working into their organisations.

This guide aims to provide a starting point for organisations as to what it takes to recruit a community organiser. It covers the role of a community organiser as well as the essential skills that should be looked for in the recruitment process. It also provides an overview of the training and support that organisations might want to consider, in order to support the community organiser in their personal and professional development.

Community Practitioners' Network

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