Award in Community Organising

Taking this course will help you to develop your understanding of what community organising is, how we do community organising and why we do it.  You will look at some of the thinking and history behind community organising, and gain support to develop your knowledge and skills.

Community Organising: Principles and Practice is for people aged 14 and over (Level 2) or 16 and over (Level 3) who want to improve on what they already know about community organising and apply knowledge to their practice.  The course is for people who enjoy learning and who want a mix of theory, reflection and skills. It is aimed at those who are already working towards a stronger community or working for justice. This might include people who:

  • are active in groups in their own community
  • work with people and communities in different sectors (e.g. health, local authority, education)
  • do community work
  • have a job that needs them to learn community organising
  • already have practical experience and want formal recognition

If you aren’t sure whether or not this is the right course for you, please get in touch with us for a chat, either call Julia on 07591 206 913 or email  We will be happy to help.

Community Organising Compared

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