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Rotherham rises through song and dance… and what a roar it was!

19th February 2016

One Billion Rising – 1 in 3 around the globe will be effected by violence and rape at some point in their lives.

Following from the success of last year’s flash mob, the planning committee – which consisted of local people – wanted 2016’s flash mob to be bigger and better.

Building Partnerships
Planning for the event began in November 2015, when RotherFed volunteer community organisers John Colley and Catherine Parkin got their thinking caps on and created an action plan, based on the 5Ws (Who, What, Why, Where, and When).

Using their community organising skills, John and Catherine reached out to their communities and gathered some interest from local people who wanted to take part/support this event.

After many discussions they held an open planning meeting in January which saw members of the community and some local organisations getting involved and collectively working to create a spectacular event to raise awareness for the global cause of One Billion Rising.

Using my skills as a voluntary Community Organiser allowed me to really listen to what people wanted to bring for this event and to see communities come together and support everyone for the better good.

Rehearsals and promotion of the event were in place, funds towards the project came from RotherFed, local community group EcHo, and a social enterprise ‘Casting Innovations’, who recycle aluminium cans and create masterpieces, including a One Billion Rising key-ring, which was given to performers as a souvenir.

Through listening to the community, John and Catherine realised that people wanted a longer event than last year, and decided to invite local performers to take part in the event, including local Dhol drummer Heera Singh and local belly dancing group Sisters of Tribellica.

Rotherham’s Mayor joins the One Billion Rising flash mob.

It was amazing to see how much everyone cared and came together for this event. The support and guidance I’ve had from our senior community organiser Tracy Highton – and knowing that she believes in me – has allowed me to believe in myself.

United We Dance
On Saturday 13th February 2016 at 1 pm in All Saints Square, over 30 dancers performed with passion and pride to One Billion Risings iconic song ‘Break the Chain’.

Heart-warming speeches were delivered by all the dancers, The Girl Declaration poem was read by Avumile Sibanda and Musa Nkomo, accompanied by a short speech from Tracy Highton, RotherFed’s Senior Community Organiser.

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