Moussa Amine Sylla

Community Organiser at Selby Trust

Board Member

Community organising has been the best thing that has happened in my life. The level of training, the people , the values of work and the notion of how simple action can heavily impact not only on individual level but also on a community level left me absolutely amazed.

I have been working on several projects in North London Tottenham , and that has allowed me to develop expertise with diverse communities (Tottenham 5th most diverse borough in Uk ).

Within this year community organising has give me the opportunity and advancement to work with vulnerable young people , ex offenders. migrant people, but also in thinking and developing new models of sustainable development by promoting local economies run by local people using local expertise.

This leveraged the opportunity to work with youth around the European exchange, which included young individuals exploring, building dialogue and finding solutions on a European Level for their concerns. The Erasmus Programme brought forth questions as Discrimination,Social justice and Democracy.

Being an advocate of change through community organising, I am open and willing to further engage in developing the movement and being a continued support for the board. I aim to give more direction in bringing democracy and diversity to protect and promote marginalized groups’ rights. This will aid to reform democratic and customary institutions to ensure that marginalized groups are included in decision making structures and processes, and their participation becomes meaningful.

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