Our mission

We believe in the collective power of people and that when people get together they can create positive change that will transform their neighbourhoods for good.

Our mission is to ignite social action in communities, embed community organising locally and in different sectors, and develop a strong network and sustainable future for neighbourhood community organising.

We are driving forward on our mission through our 3 pillars of community organising – training, support, and action:




  1. Training

Our collective of local organisations and independent trainers will continue to provide quality assured training and encouragement for people interested in community organising.

We will continue to provide digital resources that build confidence and knowledge. Encouraging more people to start community organising, in their neighbourhoods across the United Kingdom.


  1. Support 

Effective and targeted support is crucial to those who are working with and on the frontline of communities. We provide a range of online, and offline, support and consultancy services to individuals and organisations who are wanting to;

  • explore how community organising principles and practice can be adopted and adapted within their organisational context,
  • deepen their practice of community organising, or,
  • wanting to draw on our collective experience to provide short term capacity to strengthen their community work.


  1. Action

Continue developing our national convening power to take action on the issues affecting local communities.

By regularly reaching out, listening, and connecting our network, we will continue to identify, build, amplify and encourage local, wider, and national campaigns. Motivating people to build their collective power. Mobilising together to support our network and the actions we are taking.

We hear in communities across England that some people have lost hope and the ability to believe that things can ever be better. The cost of living is increasing and people are struggling to keep their heads above water. Young people who’ve never known it any other way are growing up to be adults who have lost the ability to even imagine that life could - and should - be better than this. It is not fair. This is what we want to change.