The vision

In years to come, community organising should become the norm, with every community having access to trained community organisers if and when they need them, so that people can participate fully in the society of which they are a part.

We want to see a future where community organising underpins a vibrant democracy and is sparking a diversity of local conversations in the most “left behind” and socio-economically deprived communities. These conversations will inspire people to take action on what they care about, develop projects or initiatives that meet local aspirations and build a powerful voice that can shape the policies and decisions that affect their lives.

The actions that people take will contribute to building a strong civil society which starts to bring together people and organisations from diverse and dispersed backgrounds to rebuild the trust that has been eroded in our society.

As people and organisations start to work together on the matters affecting them at a neighbourhood level, we seek to support a shift in power so that it is shared between organisations and institutions and the people that they serve to create genuine accountability.

To achieve this, we want to give more people access to the tools of community organising in more areas by expanding our existing network of Social Action Hubs to 50 by 2026.

Social Action Hubs are our key drivers for change at a neighbourhood level, using community organising as the means to achieve this. By expanding to 50 Social Action Hubs we are able to increase our geographic spread ensuring that we extend the reach and depth of the community organising network across England.

Nationally, this growing movement of individuals and organisations will build its collective power so the voices of local people and organisations are heard and that together we are bringing about change for good.

Framework Focus

Learn more about community organising and our Community Organising Framework through our self-directed online learning series called 'Framework Focus'. The course consists of over 7 hours of learning split across 70 videos and the first module on 'Reach' is free!

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