Published 5th November 2021

Calling for a Community Wealth Fund

Over 440 organisations call for dormant assets cash to level up ‘left behind’ communities

Community Organisers is proud to be part of an alliance of over 440 organisations calling on the government to use dormant assets to establish a Community Wealth Fund, to enable it to achieve its ambition to ‘level up’ the country.

Our call comes as part of the first ever Community Wealth Fund week (1 – 5 November 2021), marking the movement’s momentum and calling on even more organisations to campaign for investment in the communities that need it most.

The Community Wealth Fund would invest in the country’s most ‘left behind’ communities building the social infrastructure (places and spaces to meet, community organisations and local transport and digital connectivity) that would enable them to thrive socially and economically.

Funding would be:

  • targeted at a hyper-local or neighbourhood level
  • be long-term (between 10 – 15 years); and
  • resident led – with decisions made by local people

The fund would put communities in control of decision-making helping residents build confidence and capacity, ensuring they have the community services and facilities needed to improve their area and improving employment and health outcomes for residents.

The Community Wealth Fund Alliance, which comprises mostly civil society organisations and 40 local and combined authorities, is calling for dormant or unclaimed stocks, shares, bonds, insurance, and pension policies to be used to create the Fund.

The Dormant Assets Bill that will release these funds is currently progressing through parliament and the Alliance is asking the government to commit to them being used for the Community Wealth Fund either in the Bill or in the soon to be released Levelling Up White Paper.

A Community Wealth Fund is vital to support the long term levelling up ambitions of the Government. A fund, such as this, alongside grassroots community action catalysed through community organising would mean that communities would be able to have a direct say, and have the resources available to them, to take direct action on the issues they care about. Long term patient investment will ensure that people are supported to be in the driving seat for change in their places.
Nick Gardham, Chief Executive

Organisations can sign up to support the Community Wealth Fund campaign at join the conversation using #CWFweek

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