Published 9th August 2018

Civil Society Strategy: “We know that where Community Organisers are at work, people feel a stronger sense of belonging…”

Government launch their first Civil Society Strategy in 15 years; affirming commitment to Community Organising.

Community Organisers welcomes the publication of the Government’s Civil Society Strategy, which sets out its comprehensive vision to create stronger communities and reaffirms its commitment to community organising.

The strategy recognises the importance of community organising to build relationships and inspire communities to deliver positive social and political change led by residents.  Between 2017 and 2020, another 3,500 people will be trained in community organising through the national network of social action hubs and partnerships with public and social sector organisations.

The Civil Society Strategy states: “We know that where Community Organisers are at work, people feel a stronger sense of belonging to their neighbourhood, they feel more valued, and they become more likely to team up and improve their area.  The government will consider how best to support and encourage the sustainability and spread of community organising in the longer term.”

COLtd Chief Executive Nick Gardham says: “I am delighted that the government is committed to the long term future of community organising as we establish and develop a strong locally rooted legacy for this growing movement. Through our network of social action hubs, we are building networks of organised people who are making real, positive changes in communities up and down the country.”

A full copy of the Civil Society Strategy can be read HERE.
For more information on the Civil Society Strategy Launch read HERE.
A full version of the Civil Society Strategy Infographic can be downloaded HERE.

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