Published 17th March 2020

Community Organisers COVID-19 Statement

Community Organisers is currently involved in a number of conversations with members, Social Actions Hubs and wider partners about how to respond to the Coronavirus outbreak. Day by day, things are changing at great pace. However, we are hearing from our network both ingenuity and energy. People are finding ways to overcome social disconnection to develop a community response that is compassionate and built on neighbourliness.

As a team, our actions in response to Coronavirus are to:

  • continue to build and support networks, alliances, and campaigns that ensure those most at risk are protected, safeguarded and considered (i.e. Eden Project Communities ‘Community Action Response’).
  • listen and share stories from local communities making sure Government and others are aware of which groups and communities are most vulnerable. And, how the impacts can be eased through welfare support and funds for community self-help.
  • promote safe-help and keeping others safe to ensure that we can protect the most vulnerable in society
  • create an online space for members to share good practice, resources, and get support around the issues and the actions they are taking

Please note, as from today Community Organisers are closing all face-to-face group activity, and we are looking to do as much as we can online.

We have created a Workplace Covid-19 group on our members on-line community platform to share practical ideas and emotional support, and plan a weekly online session for any member that wants to connect.

External Links

The following links are being supplied for information – sharing them is not an endorsement by Community Organisers:

Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK network

NCVO Coronavirus Information

ACORN Network: Coronavirus community support

The Mental Health Foundation: Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

Mind: Coronavirus and your wellbeing

The Losing Control Network: How can we provide a contribution to the response to Coronavirus Covid-19?

The Queercare network: Resources for support care in and in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic

Official guidance regarding the outbreak of the Coronavirus can be found HERE.

Organising Groups

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