Published 16th December 2019

The European Community Organizing Network

Community Organisers’ CEO, Nick Gardham, reflects on his recent trip to Berlin as a UK representative at the European Community Organizing Network meet-up.

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of spending four days in the city of Berlin with colleagues from across Europe as part of the European Community Organizing Network (ECON).

Present were representatives from:

and many others…

This was a fascinating four days exploring the opportunities and challenges that we face as we seek to build organising networks across our respective countries and build solidarity together.

It was great to be able to share the work of Community Organisers in England at the German Marshall Fund in Berlin, and to talk about how we can build the community organising movement with our friends and allies from across Europe.

Despite our different approaches, we all shared one goal – and that was to build our power with those who do not have it in our countries and achieve greater democratic engagement and action.

As well as spending time together exploring how we can build and strengthen ECON, we also held a donor seminar at the German Marshall Fund with funders from across Europe working with them to develop their understanding of community organising and share lessons from the Making A Way Forward ‘Community Organising and the Future of Democracy in Europe’ report published by ECON and the Ariadne Network in early 2019.

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