Published 24th June 2022

European ‘Learning Lab’ for Community Organising

Between April '22 and September '23, with support from the National Lottery Community Fund, Community Organisers will work with organisations from across Europe to explore the development of a 'Learning Lab' that will promote exchange and learning and develop the relationships between those involved with the practice of community organising.

The Learning Lab will focus on three areas:

Strengthening networks and relationships:

This aims to provide the foundation for learning and collective action and includes: 

– Online learning exchanges starting with the members of Community Organisers and the European Community Organisers Network. 

– Six in-person learning exchanges between organisers in from across Europe with participants visiting each other to learn and work directly together. 

– A European Learning Exchange which will bring community organisers from across England and Europe together for 3/4 days to share ideas and build solidarity.

Building an evidence base of what works in community organising

This is aimed at leveraging better resourcing for the field and includes: 

– Convening funders and grassroots organisations to identify how the fields of philanthropy and organising can work together to achieve shared objectives.  

– Building an evidence base that demonstrates the value of investing in the process of organising (i.e., consciousness-raising, conflict-resolution and building trust and power), as well as the outcomes (i.e., campaigns, projects and initiatives).

Developing best practice guidance on how grassroots groups are collaborating on issues of collective concern

This aims to foster cross boarder joint action and includes: 

– Enabling groups who are acting together on issues such as climate change, the digital divide and cost of living to share the work that they are doing and encourage further collaboration and learning. 

The final aspect of this project will be a co-developed development strategy which sets out how the network will be sustained, including through creating ongoing leaning and development opportunities. This will be used to attract further investment in the work.

Community Organising Compared

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