Published 19th December 2019

Five Community Organising Stories

Celebrating an extremely successful and active year – as part of our ‘Thirteen Festive Holidays’ thread – we are focusing on five stories that illustrate different aspects of community organising from over the past twelve months.

Paige’s Story [from March 19]

Reunite Families UK started as a Facebook group in late 2017 by Jane Yilmaz and Caroline Coombs, whose families were both separated due to the harsh family migration laws in the UK. They decided to set up the group to offer support and advice to others who were affected, which is how Community Organisers’ member Paige came across the group.

Read more about Paige’s experience HERE.


Sheila’s Story [from April 19]

Sheila Norton tells us how the support of Community Organisers helped her to recover a sense of self-worth and purpose: “Becoming involved in community organising improved my quality of life; enabled me to regain a sense of wellbeing – and probably saved my life.”

Read Sheila’s inspiring story HERE.


Hannah’s Story [from June 19]

“For the first time in 15 months I felt powerful, like I could make a change.”

Read how community organising training helped Hannah (and her fellow residents) get together to make positive changes to their housing conditions.

This is Hannah’s story


Alana’s Story [from July 19]

Alana has Asperger’s Syndrome, which makes social interaction difficult, and ADHD which makes concentration hard. She began using heroin from the age of 12, and was reliant on methadone and diazepam for many years… However, Alana’s world changed when Zoe introduced her to community organising at the local Social Action Hub.

Alana tells us her story HERE.


Ian and Steve’s Story [from December 19]

Volunteer with Community First Social Action Hub, community organiser Ian has worked very closely with Devizes resident Steve, and you can watch a short-film about their story HERE.


If you've got a great story about community organising and the positive impact it is having in your community we would love to hear from you.