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Welcome to our Resource Library

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Penwith Community Development Trust (PCDT) has been delivering community based services in Penzance and its surrounding area since 1999. During that time they... Read more...
Local Community Safety Partnerships are an alliance of organisations required by statute to generate strategies and policies and implement actions and... Read more...
Hi There My name is Georgina and I am the Trainee Community Organiser working in Barton and Tredworth in Gloucester. Why am I doing this? I love meeting,... Read more...
Hello! Like all organisers, I'm passionate about making a difference in my community and further beyond. I'm 1/2 French and 1/2 American and have been very... Read more...
When the Office for Civil Society was moved to the DCMS, many in the sector feared a downgrading of their concerns by government but... Read moreThe secret creators of most of the content on this site - the Community Organisers Website Management Team! Hope you like what we post. :) If not give us a... Read more...


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