Become a Social Action Hub

We’re looking to grow our network of affiliated Social Action Hubs up and down the country. If you want to develop a Social Action Hub in your area, or you think you already are one and want to join us, then we would love to hear from you.

How do we define a Social Action Hub?

Social Action Hub (SAH) is the term we have adopted to describe local hubs of community organising, which are also quality assured training hubs affiliated to Community Organisers.

Social Action is people working together voluntarily to better people’s well-being, strengthen democracy, and encourage community life and commitment to others.

Social action involves groups of people tackling issues, taking collective action and achieving a just and caring society.

Why become an affiliated Social Action Hub?

  • Be part of a network of like-minded organisations influencing national policy, with representation on our Board.
  • Use our branding.
  • Develop and offer quality assured training and Qualification courses in community organising.
  • Attract new funding.
  • Access joint funding such as the Community Organising Expansion Programme – worth £4m from Government over three years.
  • Get paid to run training for us.

How do we become an affiliated Social Action Hub?

  • Make sure your structure and mission reflects how we define a Social Action Hub.
  • Employ at least one qualified or experienced community organiser who can train and support people with community organising.
  • Adopt the principles and follow the community organising framework as an organisation.
  • Develop your training capacity – you need quality assured trainers with community organising expertise.
  • Ensure your organisation and trainers meet our quality assurance criteria – there will be a quality assurance visit.
  • Pay the Affiliation fee and sign the Agreement which sets out the working relationship between us.
  • Become a Member and use your vote.
  • Attend gatherings of Social Action Hubs and make sure your trainers to take part in professional development.

Get in touch for more information about becoming a Social Action Hub.