ACORN Newcastle

Social Action Hub

Organisational Board Member

ACORN Newcastle has the experience, skills, and interest to really help develop Community Organisers at this very exciting time.

ACORN is a citywide tenants union in Newcastle with more than 100 members across the city, and we’ve won campaigns on fire safety, landlord licensing, and stopping people from being evicted.

As we come to the end of the Expansion Programme, there are a lot of opportunities for Community Organisers, including new partnerships, funding, and developing the national structure. These are all areas that ACORN Newcastle has a lot of experience in, and we will contribute ideas and strategies for all of them.

As a Social Action Hub, ACORN Newcastle wouldn’t exist without Community Organisers, so this also feels like a good chance to give back. Community Organisers has done an impressive job of providing the support and resources that allow organising to happen across the country. ACORN Newcastle’s priority is to keep that up so that as many people as possible can do the organising we wall want to do – and to help develop the structure so that everyone feels able to contribute.

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