Dave Kirkwood

Community Organiser

Board Member

As a self-employed Community Organiser, working in isolation, I stood for election in 2016 because it was important to me to be better connected to this organisation and its membership. I had done some volunteering for COLtd as a media producer and trainer, so when elections came around I saw the Board as an opportunity to serve the membership in a more substantive way.

In addition to the main duties of the role, I have also served as an event photographer, filmmaker, workshop facilitator and interview panellist; I’ve made the programmes for events and have also been known on occasion to run around Yarnfield with some kind of AV cable or another when technical difficulties arise. However, the most fantastic experience I’ve had in this role was to participate in the design of the CO Expansion Programme and to see the tender be successful. A few months ago I shot some short interviews with other members of the Board, aiming to encourage more members to stand for election and I was reminded of how special this organisation is.

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