Marta Rocco

Board Member

Dear CO Community! My name is Marta Rocco and I have been a Community Organiser for four years. I started my journey as a Volunteer and then began my training in Newcastle upon Tyne. I am currently based as a Senior Community Organiser in the London Borough of Sutton.

I am passionate about Community Organising and our movement. I have a legal background having worked with International Refugee Law in Brazil and Kenya. I became passionate about Community Organising when I spent a year’s sabbatical working in a refugee camp. The people here didn’t have the power or choice to make changes in their lives and most people were surviving rather than living.

During this period, all I could think about was my training and how good Community Organising could make all the difference. After my sabbatical, I committed myself to working with local communities, supporting them to find their voice, empowering themselves to participate in the decision making process of issues that impact their lives.

In Sutton, I have set-up a programme of co-production which involves supporting residents to participate in the commissioning of public services. I have also co-ordinated Community Engagement projects, always using and promoting Community Organising as a key tool in engaging local communities. Helping our organisation move forward is a joint responsibility and it is a privilege to be one of the COLtd Board.

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