Sacha Bedding


Chair of the Board

Sacha leads the charity The Wharton Trust, a social action hub in the Dyke House area of Hartlepool.  Dyke House is one of the top 2% of deprived wards in the UK.  The charity is based at a community and resource centre called The Annexe, which has become a centre for resident-led regeneration.

 Sacha’s work includes addressing barriers to accessing employment and training opportunites and how to counter the accompanying issues that arise when living in area of deprivation –  When I arrived we had a lot of people doing things for other people. One, it’s unsustainable, and two, it gives people no sense of ownership over their own lives”.

Framework Focus

Learn more about community organising and our Community Organising Framework through our self-directed online learning series called 'Framework Focus'. The course consists of over 7 hours of learning split across 70 videos and the first module on 'Reach' is free!

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