Community Roots CIC (Gloucestershire)

Community Roots community interest company (CIC) is a legacy of the original Community Organising Programme and was formed as a vehicle to keep community organising alive in Gloucestershire. Community Roots CIC is a relationship based organisation, with no agenda except that of the residents that it listens to.

Community Roots has worked to grow its network of volunteer community organisers and embed the community organising approach in the west of Cheltenham and Gloucester city.  Many social action projects have arisen out of the community organising work, for example, The Living Room Community Hub – a new community hub in west Cheltenham, run and managed by a group of volunteer community organisers who have become a constituted group called the Friends of The Living Room. The hub has many community organising based projects running from it.

More recently, Gloucester residents invited Community Roots to organise in an area considered difficult around Gloucester’s main park and skate park. As a Social Action Hub, Community Roots plan to work with many more volunteers and local leaders as well as staff from other community organisations to help embed the community organising approach more deeply in Cheltenham and Gloucester.