Published 27th October 2019

Autumn 19 National Listening Campaign

Building on the information collected during our successful Spring 19 National Listening Campaign, we launched our Autumn 19 National Listening Campaign as part of National Democracy Week. The campaign will run until Christmas, and we will publish the results early in the new year.

In the Spring you told us that

  1. The people (connections/community)
  2. Community spaces and community centres
  3. Festivals/entertainments

were the top three things you love about where you live, and that

  1. Fear of crime
  2. Lack of affordable/social housing
  3. Climate change

were your biggest concerns*.

Now we’re listening again to the things that you – communities up & down the country – care about; continuing to build a picture of the issues that matter to us and motivate us.

Across the country we will be holding a series of Listening Events, hosted by Local Organising Groups and Social Action Hubs.

If you can not attend one of these Listening Events, you can still have your say using our on-line Listening Form, which you can access by clicking HERE.

Local organising groups and social action hubs are integral to the listening campaign; listening to their local communities. All of this information is collected centrally by the National Member Working Party, who will use it to update the lists of ‘What Matters To Us’.
David Symes, National Member Organiser

* If you would like to see ‘What Matters To Us’ the results of our Spring 19 Listening Campaign – please click HERE.

Organising Groups

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