Marsh Farm Outreach (Luton)

Marsh Farm Outreach is a workers co-operative which has been operating in Marsh Farm, Luton, since 2005, with a primary focus on improving the economic and democratic opportunities for residents in an estate of severe deprivation and social challenge.

Marsh Farm Outreach has already listened to more than 1,000 residents and mobilised voluntary labour from the community valued at over £100k to bring a formerly derelict farmhouse back to productive community use and it will soon open a restaurant in an area with few social spaces for the local community.

Marsh Farm Outreach intend to continue to build the network of residents in Marsh Farm before extending their reach to the recruitment and training of organisers in other Luton estates and projects. In particular, they have already tested a Brazilian model of organising called the Organisation Workshop and intend to run this again, with the aim of creating jobs and new enterprises as well as social and community action.

Marsh Farm Outreach is an Organisational Trustee member of the Community Organisers’ Board.

For more information about this Social Action Hub, please visit the Marsh Farm Outreach website.