Barton Hill Settlement (Bristol)

For over 100 years Barton Hill Settlement has been serving the people of Lawrence Hill, Easton and Ashley in inner city East Bristol. 

The Settlement has been involved in community organising since 2011 as one of the ‘kickstarter’ hosts and employed community organisers until 2016. This has fundamentally changed the way the organisation works, as all staff understand organising practice and principles and now listen systematically to residents. Fifteen resident volunteers were trained in community organising in 2015 and there is a strong legacy from the programme.

As a Social Action Hub Barton Hill Settlement will still focus on its three core wards, where a partnership project called The Network has been developed to build on and strengthen local networks and social action. The Social Action Hub will provide training to all staff and volunteers involved in The Network to build a strong understanding and pool of skills for community organising. The vision for the work is that residents will feel more able to take action to tackle poverty and injustice

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