Selby Trust (North London)

The Selby Trust is a well-established community-owned development trust based in Tottenham. The Selby Trust came about through the community self-organising, and the Trust has been involved formally with community organising since 2012.

The Selby Trust has embedded community organising into its core strategy, acknowledging it is 100% a product of communities driving forward change. Communities themselves secured the Selby Centre and made it a community destination where we self-manage, self-organise and develop independent and creative solutions.

The Selby Trust has a wide-ranging ambitious vision as a Social Action Hub to embed community organising in relationships at all levels between residents, hubs, institutions and within communities on the doorstep. The Trust want to spread community organising across the local neighbourhoods, working with staff, volunteers and local leaders, public sector staff, and local employers. In particular they want to maximise equality of access by ensuring that their organisation is accessible to those who struggle with English, yet bring many assets into the community.