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Spoken does much more than simply offer new spoken-word cultural events. Spoken is a process leading on some of the big cultural and community conversations of our time. Spoken explores how we live together. It is driven by cultural exchange and is using the power of community organising and collective creativity to help generate better futures for our communities, locally and right across our society.

Spoken offers a cultural platform on which people can express and discuss the issues they face; it is a space where people can connect with others in their community who may be facing similar issues. It is a process people can use to work through how they can effectively come together and link up with others beyond where they live.

We are a collective of change-makers who champion the power of creative and cultural expression as a catalyst for social action and positive change.

The cultures in which we inherit and interact with every day, are enormously rich and dynamic. Spoken is about exploring these cultures and processes together, in order to navigate the possibilities, we have, to be creative, to collectively organise and to make cultural interventions in the communities that we live.

Through Spoken people are expressing their diverse cultural perspectives. They are exploring their cultural resources and identifying the kinds of public cultural investments that people need in their communities, to realise their aspirations for a better future.

By linking the process of community organising to a process that’s geared towards positively developing the collective culture, Spoken exists to build the strength of our community, renovate our democratic culture and respond creatively to the challenges of our times.

Spoken have been working tirelessly over the past year to facilitate opportunities for communities to engage with some of the biggest cultural, social and political conversations of our time.

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